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Celebrity Slam - 10-26-11

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Sneaky peacock

There are a lot of different ways to become famous. You can be extremely talented or just brazen and self-involved. You can be in the right place at the right time - or the wrong place at the wrong time. Many are famous for their pros, while many more are famous for their cons.

Casey Anthony falls into the latter group.

Apparently, the class acts at NBC have set some of their team to the task of getting Ms. Anthony a book deal. NBC has long contended that they will not pay for an interview with her, but it seems Anthony's representatives have said that they'll give NBC an exclusive hour-long interview - free of charge - if they can help her land a deal with a publisher.

Somewhat surprisingly, the publishers have balked. The NBC folks have basically been told that unless there's a confession in there, nobody has any interest in buying the book.

This is not a judgment of what Casey Anthony did or didn't do. This mercenary attitude is nothing new from her. However, the fact that a major television network is out begging deals so that they can pretend that they don't pay for interviews. Fine - technically NBC isn't paying her. They aren't signing the check. It's a sad attempt to wrap themselves in the tattered shreds of their integrity. It's kind of appalling, shilling for someone in order to get them on your network. I'm sure deals like this happen fairly frequently, but this one seems particularly egregious.

Although if you cancel 'Whitney,' we'll call it even.

A failure to communicate

It has become pretty clear that we've become an instant-access society. With all of the social media platforms out there, any thought that pops into our head can be sent winging its way across the web within a matter of seconds. Most of the time, that's not a big deal.

But then you have Orlando Jones.

Jones, who you might remember from assorted film roles or his time on 'MadTV,' recently tossed out a tweet that stated 'Libyan Rebels kill Gaddafi, if American liberals want respect they better stop listening to Aretha and kill Sarah Palin.' Unsurprisingly, the message raised a good deal of controversy. Jones has since gone on the defensive, scoffing at the attention the tweet is getting and repeatedly saying that it was just a joke.

Dude, what did you think was going to happen?

I don't for one second think that Orlando Jones sincerely wants to incite an assassination. I'm sure it was a joke. Still, when you cross a line like that, you can't act shocked when people get up in arms about it. Maybe you were just trying to poke fun at the ineffectiveness of liberals, but a lot of people just don't see the humor in any threat, faux or otherwise, to the well-being of any public figure. Your bit fell flat, man. Say you're sorry and move on. You can't say things like this and avoid repercussions.

And not for nothing, but that chick shoots wild animals from helicopters. Just saying.

Your Lohan update

We've got three Lohans for the price of one this week. Please hold your applause until we reach the end.

There's Lindsay, of course. Her recent escapades have included blowing off one court-mandated community service gig, then showing up late for the next one - at the county morgue (insert Lilo's career/morgue comparison joke here). Also? She got something close to $1 million to take it all off for Playboy.

And then you've got the parents. Mom Dina is apparently shopping a tell-all book about her family that is allegedly going to do a real hatchet job on Lindsay, bringing all of her substance abuse and other issues into the light. Dad Michael is doing his typical d-bag thing, getting arrested again after yet another abusive encounter with his girlfriend Kate Major.

There's something seriously wrong with these people.

Granted, none of this stuff is surprising in the least. Dina is a fame-whore from way back; the spotlight's shine is starting to soften, so she needed something to get herself back into the public eye. A tell-all book is about the only card she has left to play. As for Michael? Well, that guy is about as thorough a scumbag as you'll find. He's a loathsome human being and he has never said or done anything to disprove that.

Lindsay would seem to have a shot at normalcy, but every time you think she's pulling it together, she's skipping community service and getting naked before you know it.

Like it or not, folks, the Lohans aren't going anywhere. Get used to it.

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