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Celebrity Slam (09/13/2017)

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Kate hate

One of the most difficult aspects of living a life in the spotlight has got to be the need for constant awareness regarding the things that you say and do. Don’t get us wrong; we love the fact that it’s so difficult – it gives us fodder for this space every week. And guarded is boring. Part of staying famous is staying interesting in whatever fashion.

Still, the truth is that you never know when an offhand comment or out-of-context remark is going to snowball and turn into a thing.

Just ask Kate Hudson.

She’s on the cover of the October issue of “Cosmopolitan” and the subject of the month’s feature story – not bad for someone who isn’t exactly teetering atop the apex of the A-List these days. And for the most part, it’s quite a lovely story; the sort of thing you expect from Cosmo.

But then there’s the survey.

As part of the story, Hudson filled out a survey packed with softball questions like “What’s the last photo that you took?” and their ilk. The answers are pretty standard – cutesy and not particularly informative. However, when she was asked about the laziest thing she had ever done, things went off the rails.

“Have a C-Section!” That was literally her answer. Of all the things she could have possibly said, that’s what she went with.

As you might imagine, some people had a bit of a problem with that response. And considering that something like a third of all births come by way of Caesarean delivery, you can kind of understand way.

The blowback came fast and furious, with angry mothers taking to all forms of social media to express their displeasure for Hudson’s seeming dismissal of them and their experiences.

As of press time, Hudson had yet to respond.

Look, we’re going to go out on a limb here and say that Kate Hudson does not actually believe that giving birth via C-section is the laziest thing that she has ever done. We feel relatively safe on that limb because we feel fairly confident that Kate Hudson is not stupid. Misguided and possessed of a questionable sense of humor? Absolutely. But not stupid.

This was obviously an attempt at a joke. Unfortunately, it was both poorly-considered and not actually funny, which we can all agree greatly undermines the joke’s effectiveness. And there’s certainly a tone-deafness to it that contributes to the overall messiness of the situation in which Hudson now finds herself.

This is precisely the sort of thing that gets celebrities in trouble (and gives us stuff to write about, so thanks for that). She was trying to be clever and cute and didn’t for one second think through the potential reactions to what she was saying. Again, there’s zero malice here – it’s not an actual condemnation of C-section moms – but she can’t be shocked that in this day and age of the reactionary internet, there’s blowback from something that could be perceived as a slight. Sure, you have to maybe squint a little and talk yourself into it, but hey – it’s a chance to be angry online and people LOVE that.

But should they be angry? That’s not really for us to say – having never gone through the process in question, we’ve got no real point of reference. For what it’s worth, it does clearly seem to be a joke – albeit a pretty terrible one – and so maybe shouldn’t be taken overly seriously. On the other hand, it does seem like the kind of thing that might inspire genuine sensitivity and hurt feelings, so maybe it’s not the best choice for a joke.

At least not a joke that you’re going to be telling to Cosmo.

It really is an example of how important it is to know your audience. There were plenty of forums where she could have made that joke and nothing would have happened (largely because the joke is again, and we can’t stress this strongly enough, not funny). Instead, we have this whole kerfuffle where people are mad at her for having an opinion that probably isn’t really even her opinion, but she said it and now she has to deal with it.

Our advice to you, Kate Hudson? In the future, maybe think about just sticking to the script.


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