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Celebrity Slam (08/23/2017)

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The boxer and the Biebs

It’s no secret that we love our beef here at Celebrity Slam. We love it when the rich and famous decide to turn on one another – the more famous, the better.

So you can imagine our delight when word started coming out about the beef brewing between Celebrity Slam Pantheon member Justin Bieber and professional boxer Floyd Mayweather. There’s famous and then there’s FAMOUS – and these guys are definitely the latter.

It wasn’t so long ago that Bieber and Mayweather were weirdly tight. Like, Bieber walking Mayweather to the ring tight. You wouldn’t think that a Canadian pop idol and an all-time great boxing champion would have a ton in common – especially when there’s a two-decade age difference on top of it all – but it seemed to work for them. Weird, but whatever.

Unfortunately, things have changed.

It seems that as part of Bieber’s efforts on changing his lifestyle, he’s being advised to think long and hard about which influences he wants to continue to allow in his life. This has led to some difficult decisions; one of which is taking a step back from Mayweather.

According to sources, Bieber wasn’t looking for a complete break, but rather just a bit of a remove – Mayweather’s notorious partying, strip club obsession and general hedonism aren’t really conducive to the changes that Bieber is looking to make.

But it was when Bieber unfollowed him on Instagram that the proverbial s—t hit the fan.

By all accounts, Mayweather went absolutely bonkers when that happened. Sources described the boxer’s reaction as “insane” and “nuclear.” Mayweather lashed out at Bieber, calling him a traitor and bemoaning the fact that Mayweather stuck by Bieber’s side during the singer’s notorious extended meltdown from a while back.

For his part, Bieber has largely stayed silent on the situation – aside from a then-curious refusal to say that Mayweather will knock out Conor McGregor in their upcoming bout that now makes a heck of a lot more sense.

We can all agree that even by the standards set by your usual celebrity beef, this is some crazy nonsense, right?

Floyd Mayweather is one of the best boxers of all time. He has won all 49 of his professional bouts. He is on the verge of cashing the largest paycheck in the history of his sport following his bout with McGregor on Aug. 26; in fact, depending on when you read this, that fight may have already happened.

And he’s behaving like a scorned, moody teenager because someone unfollowed him on social media.

Look, we get it – he’s probably bored. It’s not like he has to concern himself with the farce of a fight; McGregor is an excellent MMA fighter who is almost certainly going to get annihilated in a boxing match against a brilliant ring technician like Mayweather.

And it’s not like Mayweather has ever been averse to saying and doing outlandish things in an effort to draw attention to himself and/or a particular fight. There’s a very real chance that his outrage is almost wholly manufactured as a ploy to get yet more people (like us) talking about him and his fight than otherwise might.

But come on, man – it’s Instagram. Sure, we’re living in an age built on online fame, but does this really matter? It’s not like hanging with Bieber made you noticeably more well-known. You’re already INCREDIBLY FAMOUS. So Bieber isn’t part of the Money Team anymore. Who cares? So he won’t be walking you to the ring for a fight that – as awful as it will undoubtedly be – will almost certainly the most-watched boxing match of the century so far. Why do you give a crap? Are you really that upset that a kid half your age doesn’t want to hang out with you and throw bags of money at strippers?

Regardless, the outsized response from Mayweather is almost laughable. It’s such an extreme take that you almost wonder … what if Bieber actually decided to put money on McGregor and the whole thing is a ploy to try and get into Mayweather’s head?

If that’s the case, the Biebs is an evil genius … who is still going to lose that idiotic bet because there’s no way McGregor does anything other than get knocked out.


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