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Celeb Slam (05-25-2016)

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Despite all my rage

An unfortunate reality of fame is that appearance is really the only thing that matters, particularly in a world where social media reigns supreme. It's all about the look of the thing rather than the truth of the thing.

And if something looks bad even if it isn't there's going to be some blowback.

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame has been finding that out the hard way over the past week or so. See, there are a lot of things that a celebrity can do in the public eye and no one will bat an eye. However, posting a video of a crying child in a dog cage isn't one of them.

The hip-hop artist came under fire when he posted a video on Snapchat. In it, a little girl in a dog cage reaches through the bars and pleads to be freed while WFF laughs and tells her that he'll bond her out. He recorded the whole scene and sent it off into the internet ether, where it elicited an unsurprisingly visceral response.

Flame has since come out and shared the truth of the story that the little girl is his niece and that she had gotten herself trapped in the cage. The rapper simply found it to be a hilarious family moment and chose to share it with the world. He also laughed off any controversy and clearly considered it a non-issue.

But in a case like this, the truth doesn't really matter.

Look, no one is saying that Waka Flocka Flame gets his jollies from locking little kids in cages and then mocking them. There's little doubt that the situation unfolded precisely the way he says it did. And if he'd just shared that video with family and friends, they obviously would have enjoyed the precious memory.

Still, you have to know that sharing anything with the internet is just asking for trouble. Obviously, the guy didn't think that he was going to be accused of anything untoward he was just sharing what he thought was the sort of goofy moment for which that little girl will likely be gently teased at family gatherings until she goes to college.

But intent doesn't matter online, so SURPRISE! nitwits on the internet took umbrage.

You would think that a guy like WFF would have figured out that there are always going to be people inclined to think the worst of him. Any reasonable person will likely be able to discern that the dude isn't actually keeping kids in cages, but there's a significant dearth of reasonable people out there on the interwebs. Maybe giving the hordes of the moronic ammunition like this video isn't the smartest thing to do.

So what's the takeaway here? Simple if you're a famous rapper, don't post videos of your young relatives doing dumb kid things, because there are always going to be people ready to think the worst of you and blame you and generally act like you're some kind of a-hole.

And really, there are plenty of reasons for people to think you're an a-hole, Waka no need to help them find more.

Chris Brown update

Yes, yes we just talked about Chris Brown last week, but we had a little extra space and he's done some more jerkwad stuff, so we thought we'd just check in with everybody's least favorite piece of man-shaped garbage.

He and his entourage got kicked off a private plane for smoking pot, but Brown claims that the pilot was the one who was drug-crazy, asking to score an 8-ball of cocaine from Brown's posse.

(Yeah, that didn't happen.)

After that, Brown was in attendance at a party on a yacht in Fort Lauderdale when he suddenly took umbrage at the pictures being taken by a photographer who was present. One of Brown's people allegedly proceeded to attack the guy, though Brown flatly denies it.

(This, on the other hand, almost certainly happened.)

And just for good measure, he also posted a deceptively-angled photo of his house as some sort of half-assed defense of his earlier ATV actions, claiming that his neighbors were too far away to be disturbed.

(God, he's awful.)

Yeah there's really nothing more to add. Chris Brown is the worst.


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