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Celeb Slam - (02-10-2016)

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The real McCoy

When it comes to Celebrity Slam, we tend to focus more on the world of entertainment. Musicians, actors, reality stars those are the famous folks who usually wind up in our particular spotlight.

However, there's no disputing the fact that athletes are entertainers in their own right. And while their names might not be quite as widely familiar as those of the stars of stage, screen and song, that doesn't mean that they aren't pretty darned famous.

So when they do idiotic things, well it's only right that we're there to give them the business.

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy is one such idiot. He and some of his friends got into a pretty serious brawl at a Philadelphia bar. McCoy and three pals were at the Recess Lounge early Sunday morning when they wound up getting into a fight with some otheriam club patrons.

The dispute was apparently over a bottle of champagne basically, a member of McCoy's group didn't care for the fact that someone else got served before they did, so he decided to go ahead and take the bottle in question. Understandably, the person whose bottle it actually was took umbrage. The bottle wound up getting knocked to the ground and shattering; this led directly to the outbreak of a full-on donnybrook.

The end result was two men whose sole crime was getting served earlier than someone believed they should have going to the hospital with broken bones and other injuries.

And here's the kicker the two men assaulted by McCoy's crew were off-duty police officers. Bad luck? Instant karma? Whatever you want to call it, it certainly ensured that getting away with it wasn't in the cards. No arrests have been made as of yet, but the evidence including a video seems fairly damning.

(As an unrelated aside: rapper Meek Mill who is due to start his sentence of at least 90 days of house arrest for parole violations any day now was in the house. Despite being a veritable font of terrible decisions, good old Meek managed to steer clear of the melee; it might be the first time he's been in a bar where a fight broke out and he wasn't integral to its origins. Good job, man you're growing as a person. Keep up the good work.)

How dare those guys place their order earlier and hence get served earlier? Doesn't the staff at the Recess Lounge know who you are? You're a very important man who no longer stars for the local football team! You tote the rock! You're a big effing deal! YOU DEMAND CHAMPAGNE!

It's bad enough that you're such an entitled d-bag that you can't stand the idea of someone getting their champagne slightly sooner than you. But instead of bitching and moaning about it on Twitter or posting a crappy Yelp review or, you know, maybe behaving like a reasonable human, you decide to throw punches. And yes, I know it was one of your crew that initially started things, but you're on film punching a dude. It didn't have to escalate, but it did solely because you can't handle yourself like a non-assclown. Too bad you can't hit the hole as readily as you hit that guy.

Never before has McCoy's nickname 'Shady' seemed so perfectly apt.

Miss Taken?

This item isn't a Slam. Sometimes, we just like to share fun tidbits from the realm of the rich and famous. No one here has done anything worthy of our scornyet.

We're talking about leading old guy shoot-em-up star Liam Neeson. Why, you ask? Because everybody's favorite aging action hero is apparently back on the dating scene for the first time since his wife Natasha Richardson passed away back in 2009.

And he's being VERY mysterious about it.

In a recent interview, Neeson confessed that he was dating someone, but declined to name her, saying only that she is 'incredibly famous.' Sorry ladies Mr. Taken is, ertaken.

But now comes the fun part guessing who this famous flame might be. There have been a lot of guesses thrown out already. Names like Susan Sarandon, Charlize Theron and Halle Berry have been popular choices. However, we here at Celebrity Slam are crossing our fingers that our guess is correct.

Oprah. Please be Oprah.


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