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Celeb Slab - (02-03-2016)

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Chief Keef beef?

One of the marvelous things about social media is that it provides a much quicker and easier way for celebrities to reach out and connect with their fans. Unfortunately for the famous folks and fortunately for us here at Celebrity Slam it also provides a much quicker and easier way for those same celebrities to say and do the kinds of ridiculous things that land them in this space.

Our latest contestant is rapper Chief Keef.

The hip-hop star recently took to Twitter to exact some sort of revenge on someone who has apparently wronged him. He posted a street address in Minneapolis and invited his followers of which there are more than a million to 'throw eggs and st in a bag and rocks and all that and Ima repost it.'

It's unclear what Keef's beef might be and the Tweet has since been taken down but there is one thing that seems pretty clear.

He got the wrong house.

The residents of the house are a trio of college students who have zero connection to the rap star or any of his beefs. However, that truth wasn't much help when an undisclosed number of Chief Keef fans showed up and started loitering outside their home. Luckily, no 'eggs and st in a bag and rocks' were thrown, though it seems that number of people were recording videos. Eventually, Minneapolis PD showed up and things calmed down.

As you might imagine, the three women living at the house are more than a little freaked out and have already started trying to find a new place to live because they no longer feel safe. They've reached out to Keef to request financial assistance for the relocations; they've said they'd rather not sue, but they also shouldn't have to foot the bill for some rapper being a d-bag.

Because make no mistake that is one GIGANTIC d-bag maneuver.

We're all about the beef here; frankly, there are few things finer than irrational vitriol being spewed back and forth between celebrities. Ego, entitlement, immaturity, you name it all of these factors go into making beefs great fun to mock.

However, one of the big keys to any successful beef is to do your homework. A nominal amount of research would likely have told Mr. Keef that whoever it was that he was mad at no longer lived at that address. Instead of getting his fans to go all Halloween-prank crazy on one of his nemeses, he basically threw an easily-influenced mob at a bunch of college kids who haven't the slightest clue what the hell is going on. It's just poor form.

This is what happens when a meathead tries to beef.

Fickle finger of fate

Speaking of Twitter beef, it looks like the whole Kanye/Wiz Khalifa/Amber Rose/whoever else feud has pretty much run its course.

The goal is to cast our net a little wider when tracking down noteworthy items for the Slam, so we were going to let this one slide particularly since everyone seems to have more or less pumped the brakes. Still, we'd be remiss if we didn't at least mention it.

So Wiz Khalifa expressed concern about the title of Kanye's new album. Kanye immediately went on the offensive, talking about among other things how Wiz was 'trapped by a stripper' (that's be the aforementioned Amber Rose) and that Kanye was basically responsible for the child Wiz and Amber have together (Kanye and Amber were an item before he married Kim).

For his part, Wiz kept pretty cool, merely stating that he was talking about weed and that Kanye should change the name of his album back. Amber Rose, however, wasn't even the least bit interested in keeping cool, going on Twitter to tell the world that Kanye enjoyed it when she would put her finger in hisbehind.

Since then, Kanye has apologized for bringing the kids into it and Amber apparently met up with Kim to make peace. Like so many Twitter beefs, this one burned bright, but all too briefly. Still, it was fun while it lasted.

Yes, it's all ridiculous, but the best stuff always isin the end.


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