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Celebrity Slam - Another day, another Ye

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We know what you’re thinking. “Again with Ye? What is it with you people?”

It’s a fair point and one that deserves addressing … at a later date. As a rule, we try not to get too bogged down with the comings and goings of any one particular person here at Celebrity Slam. We also enjoy a little variety when it comes to our targets of scorn and mockery, but the reality is that there are times – not often, but occasionally – when we simply have to deal with someone bound and determined to post/tweet/whatever through it.

And folks – Ye is in that place right now.

The rapper went on a social media rampage last week, taking to Instagram to fire off post after post taking assorted shots at Pete Davidson, who has the continued audacity to not stop dating Ye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian even though Ye is clearly mad about it. How dare he?

It’s a real wild assortment of stuff. He posted a screenshot of an old chestnut of an internet rumor involving the late rapper Mac Miller. Specifically, at one point there were whispers going around that Davidson sent Miller photos of himself and then-girlfriend Ariana Grande engaged in … let’s just call it intimacy. These rumors have the whiff of pure gossip and were never reported by any reputable outlet (and let’s be real – those pics would have appeared by now if they ever existed).

Next up, we got a picture of Pete and his buddy Machine Gun Kelly in their underpants, their full pasty tattooed glory on display. Said picture was accompanied by another screenshot – this one of a text exchange Ye apparently had with Pete. Basically, it seems like Davidson was trying to do the right thing, reaching out to Ye and basically saying that he wants to be sure to stay out of the way when it comes to how Ye and Kim raise their kids, adding that he hopes to meet the kiddos someday and that they can all be friends.

You can guess how that was received.

Ye also spent some time taking shots at Kid Cudi for reasons, posting “Just so everyone knows Cudi will not be on Donda because he’s friends with you know who.”

Yes, Ye – we know who. EVERYBODY knows who.

In the midst of all this, by the way, we should probably mention that the romance between Ye and Julia Fox has run its brief course, a turn of events that should surprise precisely no one. Fox posted a bunch of stuff on Instagram to make sure the world knew that she wasn’t at all upset about the breakup and that she was never in love with Ye (one should hope not, since they were dating for all of 10 minutes). She followed up by demanding respect for being a “#1 hustler” and crowing about how she “came up,” which reads for all the world like she was bragging about using this brief dalliance to increase her clout.

So yeah – Ye’s had better weeks.

We’re not here to condemn the guy for missing his family. He’s clearly dealing with some real regrets. And it’s tough to blame someone for trying to right a perceived wrong. That being said, his methods leave a lot to be desired. Putting your ex’s new guy on blast for the whole world to see isn’t a good look. Honestly, it feels a bit pathetic. We get it – you’re a dude who has spent the past decade-plus being coddled and catered to. When you go for that long without hearing “No,” it has to do something to you. Still doesn’t excuse this kind of lashing out.

Ye’s well within his rights to want some say over who spends time with his kids. But when the other party in question makes what sure looks like a good faith effort to mend fences and you go nuclear, well … let’s just say that when you make Pete Davidson look like the reasonable one, perhaps you should reevaluate your strategy.

In closing – we’re going to try super hard to address someone other than Ye in this space next week. However, we can’t make any promises. After all, who knows what’s coming next?

(Editor's note: There was of course more, even before this story made it to print. I'm not going to try and walk you through the new stuff here - I only hope that someone else seizes this spot for next week.)

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