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Boyfriends and husbands may be noticing that the women in their lives have begun to do art projects or have started cooking new recipes. This is because females all around the world have been spending a lot of time on the new online bulletin board, Pinterest.

Pinterest launched in March 2010, but the number of users didn't begin to spike until 2012. Right now, Pinterest has over 11.7 million registered users and is ranked the 38th most visited site on the Internet according to Alexa Internet rating site. Pinterest users are 80 percent women and aged mainly between 20 and 40.

Of those many women users are those who use Pinterest to plan their wedding, those who use it for recipes, those who use it for crafts and those who just use it to have fun. Pinterest states that the mission is "to connect everyone in the world through 'things' they find interesting. We think that a favorite book, toy, or recipe can reveal a common link between two people."

Stacey Menard is 23. In October, she married the man she has been dating since junior high school. She says that Pinterest helped lower the cost of the decorations by giving budget-cutting ideas for crafts, presents, photos and more.

"We were able to save so much money by doing [the wedding decorations] ourselves with tips from the site,' Menard said. 'The site even gives tips on where to go to find the best deals on the crafts you're making."

Menard stresses that without Pinterest her wedding would not have been the same.

"I would have spent more money. I wouldn't have had as many great decorations around and I would have stressed more about how to get things done."

Stephanie Luzaitis is 21 and got engaged over the summer. Even though her wedding is not until 2015, she has already begun to use Pinterest to plan out her dream wedding.

"So far using Pinterest I have planned what I am going to do for my ceremony. I also have come up with ideas for pictures for engagement photos and during the actual wedding. Without Pinterest I think I would be lost."

Luzaitis says that she spends a good four hours a day, sometimes more, on Pinterest. Not only does she use it for her wedding ideas, but as a first grade student teacher she uses it as an educational tool.

"I have come up with lesson plans and fun things to do with my kiddos in class," she said. "Also, I love to bake, and the food board and holiday board is a great way for me to get recipes and try new things."

Megan Day, 22, spent a lot of time over the summer trying out the new art projects that she learned from Pinterest. She has some of her Pinterest artwork displayed around her new apartment that she has with her boyfriend.

"The greatest benefits to having Pinterest are finding things you've never thought of. I've made a bunch of good food and projects that never even crossed my mind."

Day explains that her boyfriend has caught on to her Pinterest habits. "My boyfriend thinks Pinterest is silly, until I make him something delicious. He just sorts of rolls his eyes when I find cute wedding things, but it seems like every time I do something remotely crafty, thrifty or smart he says, 'Pinterest?'"

Day has done quite a few Pinterest projects and claims that she has never had any "super epic" Pinterest fails.

"The [failures] I have had are mostly my own fault - not using the recommended products. I tried to make a chrysanthemum mirror with spoons, but didn't plan it correctly and it ended up coming out a little funny. But I put it up in my bedroom anyway. I tried to put stickers on a canvas and paint over them and then peel off the stickers, but I got impatient and peeled them off too soon and didn't get clean lines. All my own fault," Day laughed.

During the summer Day would come home from work and go on Pinterest and pin to boards while she watched TV, but since returning back to college she has had to cut down her pinning to a mere 20 minutes a day.

Jill Welch, 25, has had so much fun with her Pinterest crafts that she is even thinking about selling them on the web site Etsy, which is like E-bay for craft makers. She has become completely addicted to Pinterest and is proud to admit it.

"I am addicted to Pinteresst for a lot of reasons. There's always something new, it's relevant to my everyday life and it allows me to continue making projects and doing fun crafts without totally breaking the bank," she said.


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