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A look at Brentalfloss's genuine irreverence

If you were growing up in the early '90s, you always had one of those friends, the slightly awkward ones that your parents made you include in your activities even though you were always a little uneasy about being around them. But being the good friend that you were, you invited me um ... that friend over. You dusted off the NES, threw in 'Kirby's Adventure,' and you and your friends took turns. Sure as clockwork, that weird friend would start singing along with each of the tunes. Not just humming, but starting to make up words to go with the 8-bit tunes.

First of all, I never wanted to go to your stupid house!

Second of all, one of those kids actually went and made an Internet-famous career out of those Nintendo-laced lyrics. His name is Brent Black, better known as Brentalfloss on YouTube. I know I've mentioned Brent in passing before in my articles, but I'd like to go into detail on what makes his particularly irreverent brand of parody so fascinating to me.

At first listen, you will probably frown. You will probably feel animosity toward this bald bard for putting such terribly not-safe-for-work lyrics to your childhood memories, but after a song or two you'll start to notice a few things:

Mr. Black doesn't write out of disrespect or to be irreverent to the tunes of the glorious gray box that ruled the early days of rap and parachute pants with an iron fist. Nay, it's the exact opposite. Through every silly lyric and every contrived gag recorded, you can see the childlike wonder of experiencing video games at an early age still seeping through his every single pore.Take for instance, the iconic 'Final Fantasy' victory theme: the trilling notes, thanks to Brentalfloss, are forever attached to the words 'YOU JUST GOT PWNED, EFF TEE DOUBLE-U!' I can't escape it. Such iconic notes like the 'Ducktales Moon' theme are for eternity tainted by the words of Brentalfloss.

But I really don't mind. I've listened through both of his albums enough times on Spotify that I've probably paid for more than a few packages of bacon for him. Even if I don't appreciate his juvenile humor nearly as much as the next person, his enthusiasm is electric and contagious. He sings of the problems and roadblocks of each of the games, reminding you why you loved those games while exuding the spirit of classic entertainers of the '40s and '50s. Brent Black is one of the most genuine performers of the past few years, even when crooning about what's actually in Bubble Man's weapons ('What's more, I had chipotle for lunch/Now there's bubbles galore!'), aping David Bowie's 'Space Oddity' with Star Fox-related lyrics, or just making a beautiful piano piece from the aforementioned 'Ducktales Moon' theme.

If you have a penchant for NES games and an ability to withstand tons of wonderfully cheesy and expletive-laden lyrics, you should give Brentalfloss a listen on YouTube or Bandcamp.

Aaron Waite's Mega Buster can cut the mustard.


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