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Computer Virus Computer Virus

A computer is more than just a machine or tool. For many, myself included, it contains our whole life. 

Recently I was unfortunate enough to discover my new desktop was infected. Where it came from, I do not know. When it got there, I have not a clue. And when I saw it there, I knew it was time for a fight.

The tricky thing with viruses is they can come from anywhere. All it takes is a single second at an unreliable URL and BAM goodnight sweet Windows. They work their way in and mess with the software and hardware, in some cases completely avoiding detection by anti-virus programs. And the longer they go undetected, the worse the damage can be - damage that can even remain long after the virus is gone.

That is exactly what worried me when I first saw the suspect process operating in the background. Since mid-July, I was becoming increasingly frustrated since my computer kept displaying severe issues, including a dreaded blue screen of death, a sight I had never encountered before. Fed up with the continual errors on my brand new computer, I searched for the culprit. Many of the errors seemed to be rooted with Superfetch a feature meant to more efficiently manage random access memory, or RAM. And after slogging through internet forums and the Microsoft website, I could not find a cause or solution to the Superfetch issues.

So I recruited a second set of eyes.

Looking through the processes using the computer's memory, the suspected file showed itself. All was clear. I looked up the suspect and came up with a list of charges. All the troubles I had gone through made sense. Like Robert de Niro in 'The Untouchables,' I declared war: 'I want him dead! I want his family dead! I want his house burned to the ground!'

Getting rid of the virus and any remnants of it turned into a 20-hour affair. All the existing programs I had to fend off viruses amounted to little. Even the programs readily available from Microsoft were of little help. Following the advice of a couple trusted people, I found free software to remove the malware and clean up the corrupted files. When the dust settled all seemed well, but many errors continued to persist. Even at the time of writing this article, the best shot at getting it once and for all is a complete reset of the system.

If there is a lesson to be learned, it is early detection is the best solution. I cannot help but kick myself for not realizing it sooner. Many resources are available at your fingertips both on the internet and right in your control panel. Windows has a couple of useful diagnostic tools: Windows Memory Diagnostic, System File Checker and Disk-Check. Each of these helped in some way. Other useful free programs include Advanced SystemCare 6 and Avast! Anti-Virus. Knowing how to use each of these goes a long way for recovering any PC from an infection. But they will only go so far, as I found. Some damage goes deeper. And for that, always get advice from a trusted source, because with a computer you are not just gambling with a machine, but your life.


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