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US Cellular’s smart ways to save on your mobile budget

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A common resolution year after year is saving money. Some of the most popular internet searches for self-improvement include getting healthy, staying organized and keeping finances in order. In fact, spending less and saving more shows up on more than 15,905,290 Google searches, up nearly 17.5 percent from 2016.

In our annual U.S. Cellular survey, we found that 21 percent of smartphone owners use their phones daily to manage their finances. Smartphones allow us to do everything from managing our bank accounts, paying for groceries and bills, to monitoring the temperature of our homes. There are even apps that help save your change from purchases. It has never been easier to manage your money using a smartphone.

U.S. Cellular recommends the following tips to help mobile users save money and manage budgets.

Cellphone-only households: According to the Centers for Disease Control, households with only a cellphone now account for nearly 51 percent of households. With U.S. Cellular’s high-speed network, ditching one’s landline, cable and internet provider could eliminate three monthly bills, saving hundreds of dollars. A recent U.S. Cellular survey found that 16 percent of smartphone users only stream to watch TV shows, having gotten rid of their cable provider, thus saving money.

Smartphones on a budget:  There are a wide variety of cellphones for all types of budgets. For the bargain-seeking Apple user, the iPhone SE can be purchased for $250 (or $8/month for 30-months) and still offers the same A9 processor as the 6S with 2GB of RAM. The Samsung Galaxy J7 is under $100 (or $6/month for 30-months) and LG K8 is $150 (or $1/month for 30-months), both offer users a good processor, an attractive display and the latest Android software.

Reduce household bills: One-third of smartphone owners report using smart home technology once a month or more, according to U.S. Cellular’s annual survey. Smart home devices can help save on electricity and heating bills. With the use of smart home technology in the new year, more users can reduce and control household costs. The Nest Learning Thermostat learns the temperature users like at home and adjusts the temperature when nobody’s home. The Incipio CommandKit Wireless Smart Outlet allows users access to home outlets from inside or outside the home and monitors energy usage to help reduce consumption and lower monthly bills.

Prepaid Plans: Prepaid plans are paid for up front, which helps with budgeting every month. No credit check is required and with no contract, customers are able to easily change their plans to meet their needs. Most prepaid plans now include unlimited talk and text, and U.S. Cellular offers unlimited data for $55 per month or 3GB of data for $40 per month.

Protect Your Investment: One way to ensure that mobile devices and content is protected is to purchase a Device Protection Plan. While there is a charge for the plan monthly, the cost of replacing a smartphone can be a lot more.

(Matt Kasper is director of sales for U.S. Cellular in New England.)


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