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U.S. Cellular launches first 4G LTE smartphone

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Samsung Galaxy S Aviator 

BANGOR U.S. Cellular is bringing faster data speeds to the Bangor area as the carrier recently launched its first 4G LTE smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S Aviator. Running on the 4G LTE network, the Android-powered smartphone features speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G and joins the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the carrier's 4G LTE device line-up. U.S. Cellular launched 4G LTE in the Bangor area in March of this year, and is the first wireless carrier to bring 4G LTE to area residents to enhance their wireless experience.

The Galaxy S Aviator allows customers to enjoy faster web browsing, app downloads and video streaming perfect for checking traffic conditions before you drive up to Acadia National Park for a hike, downloading the Bonnaroo app on your way to the festival or streaming the latest local news and sports straight to your smartphone.

'Whether you're downloading work files, video chatting with family members or searching for the latest Android app, a 4G LTE smartphone helps you get it all done in less time,' said Eric Conlon, director of sales for U.S. Cellular in New England. 'With faster downloading and the browse and talk function, the Galaxy S Aviator will help Mainers on the go keep up with busy schedules and simplify and organize their lives.'

Conlon offers these tips for using your 4G LTE smartphone and its most valuable features:

Simplify with one device With an 8 megapixel camera, the Galaxy S Aviator provides crisp, digital camera-quality photos. Whether you made it straight from work to catch your son's little league game or your daughter's ballet recital, you can capture the memories by taking photos straight from your smartphone without having to remember to grab the camera. With an HDMI port on the Aviator, it's easy to upload the photos to your personal computer.

Stay connected with loved ones, anytime, anywhere If you have loved ones who travel or live out of town, you know how hard it can be to stay in touch with busy schedules and different time zones. With the Galaxy S Aviator's front-facing webcam, you can chat face-to-face with your friends and family whenever and wherever it's convenient. Just use your smartphone while riding the bus, waiting for an appointment or sitting outside on your lunch break.

Enjoy a break Take a break every once in a while to watch a movie or your favorite TV show. With a 4.3-inch bright, sharp-image touchscreen and stereo-quality sound, the Galaxy S Aviator lets you enjoy entertainment in the palm of your hand.

The 4G LTE network builds on the 3G data services that U.S. Cellular customers already enjoy on the carrier's high-quality nationwide network. The Galaxy S Aviator will be available to all U.S. Cellular customers and will run on the 4G LTE network in markets where it is available and on U.S. Cellular's nationwide 3G network in all other areas.

U.S. Cellular customers enjoy unique benefits, such as new devices faster without resigning contracts, free Overage Protection and free Battery Swap. U.S. Cellular also offers customers the only points-based rewards program in the industry, which rewards customers for simple things, such as paying bills on-time, adding a line or referring friends and family. Points may be used for faster phone upgrades, additional lines, devices, accessories and ringtones. It's one of the reasons U.S. Cellular has the happiest customers in wireless.

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