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Top apps for students heading off to college

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As the end of summer nears, college students and parents will soon be heading out of their driveways with cars filled to the brim with dorm room supplies. A visit to most any college campus in the United States will confirm that the majority of college students rely on their mobile phones. In fact, a recent study of campus mobile phone users found that 53 percent owned smartphones, but few take advantage of the many advanced features these phones offer (Test Kitchen Research Reports).

Whether you are a first year college student or returning to school, students often have to learn how to juggle work, school, and their social lives. A smartphone is a perfect tool to help students stay on track, balancing their classes and entertainment, as well as keeping in touch with Mom and Dad back home.

U.S. Cellular suggests the following apps to help students simplify and organize their lives.

Evernote This app is a digital note-taking app that can record text, video, notes and photos and sort the information in order of date. It can also sync from a phone to computer, and is available for Windows, Android and Blackberry devices.

Share Your Board Use this app to take a picture of the classroom whiteboard, make it into a readable PDF, add your own notes and share it with classmates.

Amazon Student Need affordable textbooks? Snap a photo of your book's barcode and Amazon Student will tell you how and where to get the best price. Best of all, you can sell back your old used textbooks in exchange for Amazon gift cards.

Mint The life of a student revolves around money for many reasons, including cars, food, clothing and supplies. This personal finance app is a perfect guide to help students create budgets and stretch their money. It's easy to set a budget and input your transactions to track your overall expenses. The app is available for Android.

Wi-Fi Finder Free internet is helpful for students who want to stay on top of emails, assignments, or contact fellow group members from their smartphones. This app uses a GPS monitor to locate wi-fi networks available nearby, along with the location type, directions and contact information. The app is available for Android. A popular app among college students, this dictionary and thesaurus has nearly two million words to search at ease and is available for Android and Blackberry.

Alarm Clock Xtreme Most college students find it difficult to get up early to attend a lecture. This app helps you wake up on time, comes packed with features that prevent extra snoozing and is available for Android.

Smartphone users who want help finding and downloading apps or have other questions about their device can attend a free U.S. Cellular Device Workshop. Associates guide attendees through all of the features and functions of their devices, and help them personalize their phones to enhance their lives. Attendees do not have to be U.S. Cellular customers. Upcoming workshops include:

U.S. Cellular, 403 Wilson Street, Brewer
Sept. 15 from 9 to 10 a.m.

U.S. Cellular, 33 Mid Mall Boulevard, Bangor
Aug. 25 and Sept. 29 from 8 to 10 a.m.


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