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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Yeah Bunny 2’

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Platformer style video games have been around since the beginning of gaming history; even today, in the modern era of gaming, platformers are still around and kicking. There is just something so relaxing and stress-relieving about simplistic-yet-challenging 2D platformers that make you want to keep playing until you complete every single level possible.

“Yeah Bunny 2” is an arcade-style platformer with an awesome 8-bit retro feel. The game plays like any platformer you can imagine out there (like “Mario”) where you can move left and right and need to jump vertically to get onto higher areas of the map. You play as a little bunny character who is trying to collect carrots and keys trying to complete each level that is thrown at you. There are 50 different levels to play, enemies to crush along the way and pretty cool boss battles to fight every few levels or so.

As you complete each level, the next one seems to always be more of a challenge, as it will throw more enemies, unique landscapes to travel and/or surprise boss battles at you along the way. The keys unlock doors and there are teleporters that take you to different places to collect stars and unlock new levels. You also are being chased by a giant pig king through the entire game so mistakes can get your small bunny eaten!

“Yeah Bunny 2” won’t ever compete with the likes of a “Mario” game, but for a fun little free adventure with a floppy eared furry friend, “Yeah Bunny 2” is a pretty darned good time. “Yeah Bunny 2” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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