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Weekly Time Waster - ‘World Robot Boxing 2’

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Remember “Real Steel,” the movie about robot boxing being a staple sporting event in the future? It was cool, it was unique … and I kind of wish there was a sequel. Of course, what would be a movie without some type of game based on it?

“World Robot Boxing 2” is basically a game version of “Real Steel,” just with no Hugh Jackman. Set in the not so distant future, you control a boxing robot looking to become the next robot boxing legend. With many different classes of robots to choose from, ranging from slow and heavy robots, to very agile robots, there are many different options to fit your specific style of play. There are 67 robots in all, and six classes to choose from. The game features 14 different countries to represent, which is a cool feature.

The game starts with you fighting in the illegal underground matches, letting you rise through the ranks to eventually becoming a world champion on the grandest stage. With lots of different abilities to choose from and ways to train your robot, your fighter eventually starts to grow on you. You control your robot by performing various swipes and taps on your screen; you string together combos to take down your opponent. You also can also choose from 48 signature moves to finish off your opponents; every fighter needs a signature finishing move, right?

“World Robot Boxing 2” is super fun to play; it starts you at nothing and challenges you to rise to the top. There is plenty of time to be wasted in the 12 different battle arenas. The game is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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