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Weekly Time Waster - ‘World of Warships: Legends’

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Every now and again, I like to put up a gaming console game in this space. Many readers might have one in their living room, and hey, when a great free game pops up in the Playstation or Xbox store, why not give it a shot?

This week, we look at “World of Warships: Legends.”

In “WOW: Legends”, you take command of either a WWI or WWII naval vessel and take to the seas in multiplayer combat. In a nine-on-nine battle, you will experience epic naval combat on various maps and game modes while using some of history’s greatest warships. The game features three countries currently: USA, Japan and the United Kingdom, with Germany and Russia on the way.

There are three types of ships to accommodate any playstyle. You have battleships, which are the colossal warships that project copious amounts of power and fear from far away. You have light and heavy cruisers, which is the middle ground; well-rounded ships. Then you have stealthy and agile destroyers that wait for the opportune moment to strike with both cannons and torpedoes. You take command of any of these vessels and perform different objectives to win the game, such as capturing points of interest, or just plain destroying all enemy ships.

With many iconic ships to unlock such as the USS Iowa or the Nagato, there is plenty content to unlock. With absolutely epic sound design, and fantastic visuals of beautiful water and explosive ship to ship combat to boast, “World of Warships: Legends” makes you feel like a true naval commander. It’s a great game to sit on the couch and burn some time with, as matches last between 8-15 minutes.

“World of Warships: Legends” is free to download on the PSN and Xbox Live stores.


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