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Weekly Time Waster - ‘World of Warships Blitz’

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One of my favorite board games as a kid was Battleship. Flip up your side of the board, place your ships as strategically as you can and hope for the best in a guessing game of “B12, hit or miss”. In an app store full of multiplayer games, I wondered what kind of Battleship-style games I could come across, and I stumbled upon a sweet action-packed game called “World of Warships Blitz.”

“World of Warships Blitz” is a free-to-play MMO action game. You control a World War II battleship in a 7-on-7 naval battle. With various ship types such as Cruisers, Destroyers and even Aircraft Carriers, you must pick one based on your playstyle and support your team. If you aren't feeling up to the challenge of playing against other people, you can team up and play against AI-controlled ships. There is even a campaign that takes you through historical naval battles in WWII.

Battles are won by either destroying the other team completely before all your team’s ships are sunk or by becoming the first team to reach 1000 points. In my trials, the latter rarely happened. In this game, you have full control of the movement of your ship and its cannons. Battles last only a few minutes, so it certainly is a game you can jump in and out of if you have a few minutes. With many upgrades to the ships and equipment, you have lots of content you can work towards over time.

Being tactical and resourceful will keep your ship afloat in “World of Warships Blitz.” Download it on the Android or IOS stores for free and see if you can be the ship captain you’ve always dreamed of!


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