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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Westworld’

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If you have HBO, you might have caught a few episodes of the TV show “Westworld”. This show is about a Wild West-style theme park where guests can pay to experience the old west in a controlled environment with lifelike androids populating the town. In this theme park, guests are allowed to follow their own personal narratives and dark desires without any penalty, as long as they don’t harm another human. They are allowed to murder, steal and even be friends with the theme park androids.

And now we have a game version!

“Westworld” offers a similar experience to “Fallout Shelter,” a game that I looked at a few months back. You are a trainee at the theme park of Westworld and you have been granted access to the official training simulation that was developed to help you learn all aspects of the park operations and android maintenance. You get to build your own park, build maintenance facilities underground, create your own androids and invite guests to come enjoy themselves. Prove yourself to the company that hired you, Delos, and they might grant you access to their darkest technologies.

With over 170 androids to build, each with unique traits and personalities, you can create the ultimate vacation experience for your guests. Remember, your guests want to fulfil their deepest desires, even if they are of a violent nature, so you want your park to always be running efficiently.

As an employee at Delos, your imagination is your only limit to creating the greatest and most morally unethical theme park possible. “Westworld” is available to download for free from the Android and IOS stores.


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