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Weekly Time Waster - ‘War Thunder’

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Modern warfare began with simple swords and infantry, evolving into firearms, mechanization, air superiority and naval domination. Between learning history and watching movies and documentaries, one can get a feel for how these machines of war developed into what they are now. What if you could experience this evolution firsthand? Well, Gaijin Entertainment has provided us (no pun intended) with the vehicle to do just that.

“War Thunder” is a massively multiplayer online game focusing on vehicular warfare. You start with WWII-era vehicles; as you play, you eventually end up in modern times. You participate in massive battles that utilize aircraft, ground forces such as tanks and mobile artillery and naval warships in the ultimate showdown of combined arms warfare. With over 1800 vehicles and many factions to choose from, there is a lot to unpack and unlock.

What’s nice about “War Thunder” is that with so many vehicles, some of the most iconic ones you can think of are right there in the game. To unlock them and play with them, all you gotta do is waste some time. Now, it’s a massive game and it can be very overwhelming at first, but just like anything else, once you get into it and play, it all makes sense. There are tons of tutorials in the game; you can even test drive vehicles before you buy them which is cool.

Once you hit the battlefield in “War Thunder,” the fun really begins. With realistic sounds, graphics and damage models, you’re instantly immersed. Knowledge about your enemies can be key on the battlefield; a well-placed shot on a tank or a shell against a destroyer out at sea can disable crew or detonate a compartment full of munitions, disabling or destroying a foe.

Naval battles are my personal favorite in “War Thunder,” as naval battles aren’t really touched upon in many games. It presents naval battles in a fantastic way; a torpedo can open your hull up, filling your ship and slowly capsizing it as you make a last-ditch effort to lob shells at the enemy.

“War Thunder” is a great game. The best part? It’s free. I’ve drilled countless hours into it and each battle always feels different than the last. You learn about every war machine ever made and you get to try them out on the battlefield. Take to the skies, land or sea and vanquish your foes.

“War Thunder” is free to download on the PlayStation and Xbox stores, as well as Steam.

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