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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Vampire’s Fall: Origins’

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We’ve seen vampires represented in many different ways in pop culture over the years. We’ve seen Van Helsing travel to Transylvania to battle the evil and grotesque Count Dracula. Who can forget the 1920s cult movie “Nosferatu?” We’ve even seen a cute and cuddly Count Von Count teaching our children the basics to counting on “Sesame Street.” Aside from that last one, the vampires we’ve seen in pop culture have always had one thing in common - they are absolutely terrifying.

And those are the sorts of vampires you get in “Vampire’s Fall: Origins.”

“Vampire’s Fall: Origins” puts you in the shoes of a bloodborne vampire recruit, enrolled to defend the village against the evils from outside. In the town of Vamp’Ire, the citizens have lived in peace and happiness for years, but rumors have hit the town that a Witchmaster is spreading dark magic across the land, and with it a desire to wipe out the peaceful town.

In this RPG adventure, you must create your vampire character, choose your bloodline (which determines what powers and background you have) and venture out in the world to defend your town. You can either wreak havoc on the land or be a hero to all. The game has a fun turn-based battle system, where you choose a move and take turns with the other player or monster dealing damage to one another.

With an immersive story, a nice dialogue system that gives you choices on how to handle situations and a fun, dark graphic style, “Vampire’s Fall: Origins” is a great little time-waster to put on your phone! This game is available for free from the Android and IOS stores.


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