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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Township’

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One of my favorite types of game is a good city builder. I really don’t know why, but there is something relaxing about starting with a blank plot of land and watching your hard work grow a city before your eyes. There are many free city builder games out there, but my favorite has to be “Township.”

In “Township,” you are the mayor of a town and are tasked with building it up as much as you can – you even get to name it. You can also visit other players’ towns and trade with them! The kicker, however, is that your town is agriculture-based, so you make most of your money through harvesting and selling crops, dairy and more. As your town grows, you will start to build factories and production centers to refine your crops and other materials into different products; this opens up trade with other countries! You can build restaurants, cinemas, schools, zoos and more. Your citizens also interact with you, as they will ask for help, or even need response from the police or fire department if something tragic happens.

“Township” isn’t just about building a city and making money, though – it’s watching your citizens grow and being part of their little digital community. There are some surprises in “Township” as well, such as building a mine and finding Indiana Jones-style artifacts in the cliffs. With endless possibilities and layouts in how to build your city, and many challenges to keep you busy, “Township” offers a fun free experience that is sure to help you waste some time.

“Township” is free to download from the Android and IOS stores.


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