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Weekly Time Waster - 'Tiny Tower'

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When I was a kid, there were a lot of cool games making their way into my childhood from the '90s. The fondest memory of them all was a game called "SimTower."

It was so simplistic. Build the largest skyscraper you could, and make buckets of money. As the years passed by, the game became lost in the black hole of time, as most games do. However, 16 years later, I finally stumbled upon a modern gem called “Tiny Tower."

Developed by NimbleBit LLC, “Tiny Tower” is a spiritual mobile successor to “SimTower.” The premise is the same; build the largest skyscraper you can, get "bitizens" (the name of the little pixel people) to move in, and build venues to give them jobs so you gain revenue. The larger it gets, the more money you make. Everything is free to unlock in the game. You don’t have to spend a dime in micro-transactions.

The game has a 8-bit colorful look to it, reminiscent of the NES days. There is also a large freedom to customize literally everything!

My first 10-minute experience set the tone; I built an apartment, moved in five bitizens, unlocked a convict costume, named them all after famous gangsters, and then built a donut shop for them to work in (which I aptly named Alcatraz Bakery). To add to the fun, there are lots of mini-games as well as a fake social network called BitBook, where your bitizens chat and blog about their life and jobs. Some even post jokes!

The sky is the limit with "TinyTower!" (Terrible pun, I know). Happy building and time wasting readers! “Tiny Tower” is available for IOS/Android in their respective app stores.

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