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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery’

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As Halloween approaches, we often find ourselves diving into spooky movies, mysterious stories and even games that allow us to explore the unknown. “Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery” does just that in a small package that is simple, yet also extremely fun.

“Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery” puts you in the shoes of a detective who returns to his father’s town, only to find it completely deserted. Of course, being a detective, you take it upon yourself to figure out what happened and where everyone went – straight out of your typical mystery movie.

You do this by exploring the town, which has many interactive 3D levels that you can rotate and inspect. These levels are filled to the brim with clues to find and puzzles to solve. This game has a great mix of playing through different escape rooms and general quests to get you one step closer to solving the mystery of the town. It’s the type of game that is easy to play, but also makes you think a bit.

You might find a house that has no electricity and needs a fuse, which you find in another location, hence leading you back to where you were to continue to explore. You might find a mysterious bookshelf that needs the books arranged in a certain order to unlock what is behind it. You could be looking for a missing mailbox on a property and find it where you would never have expected.

There is so much variety and so much to solve, you’ll be busy for quite some time. It’s a great themed game during this mysterious and spooky time of the month, so get out there and find out what happened to this detective’s father.

“Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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