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Weekly Time Waster - ‘TheoTown’

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I'm a huge fan of city-building games, specifically “Sim City.” I'd spend hours building different cities and watching the economy either flourish in some of them or tank into the depths of bankruptcy as residents riot outside of City Hall. My favorite “Sim City” game was “Sim City 2000” - and a small company just came out with a game that is basically a copy of that old-school game, but on the mobile platform.

I present to you “TheoTown.”

To start off, one of the best things about “TheoTown” is there is no paywall. There are some micro-transactions to unlock things, but you don't have to wait days to build and you don't need to spend any real money to create a large city like in most mobile city builders.

“TheoTown” presents the city building concept by making you have to plan carefully and not just plop things onto a map. You need to zone residential areas for houses, develop schools, parks, fire departments, and even police stations to keep your citizens happy, and deal with disasters. You need to create power sources and lay out power lines, water/sewer systems, build healthcare facilities and entertainment venues like a baseball stadium. It leaves no stone unturned, but it's not stressful, as the game helps you find your way.

You can also build multiple cities and connect them, creating supply lines between the two. Want to build a large functioning city and then build a small rural town next to it with a few houses, stores and a lake? Go ahead! When you’re unhappy with your city, you can also elect to destroy it with “Independence Day”-style alien invasions, earthquakes and more.

“TheoTown” is available to download for free from the Android and IOS stores. Now go and be the best Mayor you can be!

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