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Weekly Time Waster - ‘The Walking Dead – Telltale Story’

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If you’ve been a part of pop-culture for the last decade, you know about “The Walking Dead.” Based on a graphic novel series, the show has become a cult phenomenon in the TV world. Well, there are plenty of games based on it as well – and “The Walking Dead – Telltale Series” game is one of the best ones.

A small disclaimer about this game: it’s episodic. Basically, there are five episodes in the first season and five episodes in the second season; the first episode of each season is free to play. It provides about an hour or so of gameplay. After that, if you REALLY liked what you played in the first episode, I highly recommend supporting the developers and buying the rest (as well as the second season if you want to know how the game ends).

“The Walking Dead” is a five-part, multi-season series set in the same universe as the TV show. You play as a character named Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, who at the beginning of the game is given a second chance at life after a prison bus crash. With the zombie apocalypse ahead, and a young orphan girl named Clementine joining along the way, you must make choices and help the pair survive this changed world.

This game features a “butterfly effect” choice system. Choices you make are neither right nor wrong – they simply keep the story moving, but each choice can have consequences later in the story. Sometimes small, sometimes huge. For instance, you might have to choose whether to save one person when two people are in peril. Based on your choice, a certain character with a relationship to the one you didn’t save might not have your back later in the story or might be grateful you didn’t save that person and offer help. These choices make for easy replay ability as you can play the game again making opposing choices you. In addition, many characters from the TV show make occasional appearances in the game; you visit some familiar locations as well.

Episode One of “The Walking Dead – Telltale Story” is free to download at the Android and IOS stores.

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