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Weekly Time Waster - ‘The Last Night’

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Here is a gem. In the wake of the new “Blade Runner” movie out in theaters, I began looking up Cyberpunk/Blade Runner-esque games. I then found something beautiful.

“The Last Night” sees you in a 16-bit, rain-drenched, neon-lit, futuristic city. This pixelated world is dripping (no pun intended) with style, with people and speeders flying on the streets in the background and the whole shebang backed by a retro-synthwave soundtrack. Clocking in at just a few minutes, it’s a great time waster.

“The Last Night” sees you stepping off a futuristic train, with no name or purpose - until you walk up to someone on the street. You are an apparent hitman and you’ve been given a task to eliminate a target at a nightclub. You then walk along the streets towards your destination, with nothing but a trench coat and a handgun. The gameplay is simple; you just walk, shoot some pesky drones and bodyguards and then eventually eliminate your target.

This game is not just about that short-lived violence, though; it’s about the atmosphere it creates in just a few minutes. It makes you wish there was a full-fledged cyberpunk game out there somewhere. I wish it was longer, but then I found out it will indeed become the full game I wanted on PC and Xbox One!

To give credit, it was developed by two brothers living in Paris - in just six days - as a preface to the full-fledged game they are crafting. “The Last Night” is free to play on their website:


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