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Weekly Time Waster - ‘The Great Tournament’

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After completing “Lapse” from last week, I felt like I needed another text-based adventure game to satisfy my need to waste time between life's daily happenings. This week's time waster is another text-adventure. I present to you - “The Great Tournament.”

If you have ever seen the Heath Ledger movie “A Knight's Tale,” you will fall right in love with “The Great Tournament.” This adventure sees you playing as a young peasant boy in medieval times who loves attending local jousting tournaments; when your favorite knight needs a squire, you dedicate your life to fulfilling your dream of becoming a knight yourself.

The story takes place over several years, so you get to grow with the characters through the choices you make. You will see your character travel to many places in their adventure, seeing both success and loss. You will compete in jousts, archery and even sword competitions. You may even get to fall in love. How it ends is up to you.

Being a text-based story, you basically read it like a book; you make decisions in each presented situation however you think is right and those decisions have consequences later on. The story feels very much like a movie that you get to direct, thriving on the power of your imagination. It certainly can play out like one in your mind.

With a fantastic story, characters, choices and many endings to possibly fall into, “The Great Tournament” is one of the best time wasters I've yet to find in the app store! You can download it for free on both the Android and IOS stores. Go out and fight for glory and love … and watch out for those jousting lance splinters!


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