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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Text or Die’

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We all love some good trivia-style game shows, right? Well, “Text or Die” brings the combination of trivia and game shows and takes it up a notch!

In “Text or Die”, you are pitted against other players around the world to answer trivia questions with the goal of being the final contestant left. But there’s a catch: each question can have multiple answers, but it’s the people who answer with the longest words who remain “safer” than the other players.

You’re standing on a tower and the water is rising. You answer a question. However many letters there are in the word you guess, your tower will grow by that amount of blocks. For instance, there could be a question such as “Name a state.” The person who guesses Pennsylvania will build up their tower over the rising waters substantially more than the person who guessed Maine.

That’s pretty much the entire premise of “Text or Die.” You must not only get correct answers to the questions, but guess correctly with the longest answer you possibly can. As each round goes on, the water rises higher and higher, eventually engulfing the players who just can’t keep up with the deluge of many-lettered answers.

The game certainly has its quirks – if you play against the bots, they can sometimes give ridiculous answers – but overall, it’s a great game to waste a few minutes of time on.

“Text or Die” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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