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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Suspects: Mystery Mansion’

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A game that you might have seen in this feature earlier this year – a widely popular one – was “Among Us.” It amassed a huge cult following and remains extremely active – well-populated with people and shenanigans.

“Suspects: Mystery Mansion” brings some of the heart and soul of “Among Us” into the murder mystery genre of party games. You know the ones, the games where your friends invite you over for a dinner party, someone is the murderer and everyone else must figure it out. “Suspects: Mystery Mansion” puts you alongside nine other real players who have the task of solving a recent murder inside of a mansion. One or more of the players is a murderer and the others are investigators who must carry out various tasks throughout the mansion to aid in their investigation.

During each round, while the investigators are out and about, the murderers must blend in and try to kill them. At the end of each round, everyone comes together to discuss everything that’s happened, and make a guess on the identity of the killer. Once the person is chosen, the game lets everyone know if they were right or if the suspect(s) is/are still at large.

The game has a fantastic art style; the little woodland creatures you play as for characters have a lot of creativity and personality poured into them. “Suspects: Mystery Mansion” is a great way to bring some friends or even some strangers together digitally and keep the spirit of game night alive!

“Suspects: Mystery Mansion” is currently free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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