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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Star Trek Trexels II’

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We've all wanted to control our own spaceships. Just admit it. Ever since we first voyaged into space, we’ve been all about imagining could possibly be out in the universe. All the way from the adventures of Captain Kirk and Spock in “Star Trek,” the survival of Ripley in “Alien”and the slick getaways of Han and Chewie in the Millennium Falcon. Well, you can finally get that chance to command a ship and crew in “Star Trek Trexels II.”

You are the captain of a Starfleet ship. There are many iconic ships from the series you can choose from too. You must develop your ship, assemble a crew of iconic “Star Trek” characters, and head out into the galaxy to explore space. Space is vast, of course, so during your travel time, you’ll be managing your ship and crew, by building new rooms and facilities. As you discover planets and other places, you will participate in Starfleet missions, which include exploring, solving puzzles or even shooting down the infamous Borg. Sometimes, you even participate in ship-to-ship battles. Fire those torpedoes!

As a free-to-play game, there are waiting times with certain tasks, but those waiting times allow you to step away and always have something to do or finish next time you load the game. With many characters, ships and planets to collect and discover - and a beautiful 8-bit graphic style to enjoy - “Star Trek Trexels II” deserves a spot on your phone!

So go out there and seek out strange new worlds in the vast frontier that we all know as space! “Star Trek Trexels II” is free to download at the Android and IOS stores.


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