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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Spaceflight Simulator’

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Have you ever wanted to go to space? Maybe build a rocket and call yourself a rocket scientist? Maybe you’re just curious and want to strap some random parts together, call it a rocket and see how far it makes it off the ground before it explodes in a fiery mess.

Well, in “Spaceflight Simulator” you can do all of those things right in our very own solar system.

In “Spaceflight Simulator,” you are given the task of building a rocket to explore space. The caveat is that you must build the rocket based on your own designs, which most of the time … aren’t great. You can build a rocket that is a straight tube-like design like a Saturn rocket or you can make some interesting rockets that look like they would make almost no sense on paper.

The game uses realistic rocket physics, so if it doesn’t make sense, it most likely won’t, you know … go. Your goal each time you launch your rocket is to see how far you can get. The game features realistically scaled planets and orbital mechanics and has some cool celestial bodies to visit like the Moon and Mars. What’s more, when you do successfully reach orbit on a planet, depending on what you packed into your rocket, you can land on the planet in either a capsule or a rover.

“Spaceflight Simulator” is truly unique and simple, and hopefully will give some of the spaceheads out there a fun experience as they literally “shoot for the stars.”

“Spaceflight Simulator” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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