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Weekly Time Waster - ‘’

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By the time you’re reading this, Christmas will be over. Presents will be opened and bellies will be filled with food. However, that doesn’t mean the holiday and winter festivities can’t continue! We may not have gotten to have a white Christmas this year, but we can still play with snow in video games. So, in this week’s Time Waster, I sought to spread a bit of winter cheer.

“” is an extremely simple, yet quickly addictive game that places you in an arena with a few other players. Each player controls a snow pusher that can create a snowball. Your goal is to push the other players off the snow-cliff. You do this by creating a large snowball and running into them or firing the snowball from a distance. The bigger your snowball, the farther you push the other snowplow player. If you don’t think that you can take the time to create a large snowball, you can create multiple small snowballs and fling them around. Be the last snowplow on the cliff and you win!

This game is all about strategy, but also about having some snowy fun. It’s like a real snowball fight. You can be the person who hurls massive snowballs to take out your foes, but possibly miss. Or you can be the guy who plays it smart and sits from a distance firing small snowballs left and right. This game only requires two fingers to play, as one finger controls your snowplow and the other controls the direction you plow or shoot your snowball.

You may not be able to throw snowballs outside this week, but nothing will stop you from pushing snowplows off snowy cliffs in “” This game is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.


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