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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Snow Kids’

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As the snow melts away and spring takes the state of Maine over, the joy of winter’s end finally fills our hearts. Yet, in my adventures in finding new games on which to waste time, I must unfortunately bring some snow back into our lives.

With an unfortunate callback to winter, I present you our latest time-waster: “Snow Kids.”

“Snow Kids” is a great throwback to some of our favorite retro games. It combines elements from icons like Mario, Kirby and Mega Man, as well as inheriting the 8-bit graphics of the time. “Snow Kids” puts you in control of a little penguin character, who has to explore four different worlds and levels to defeat an army of snow minions. Along with those snow minions, you of course get end level bosses.

As a retro-styled platformer, you control your character by moving left or right and jumping up and down. You must avoid being touched by the minions, just like in a Mario game, by jumping over them. If they touch you, you either take damage or face the game over screen. Your penguin character also carries around snowballs that you throw at the minions, which freeze them. You can then walk into the frozen minions to eliminate them or push them to hit other minions.

As you get to the end of the levels in this epic snowball adventure, you must face bosses. After defeating each boss, you can progress to the next world in the game. Your ultimate goal is getting to a hot lava volcano.

“Snow Kids” is a nice little homage to retro gaming, one that’s definitely worth wasting some of your time on it. Free to download on the Android and IOS stores.


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