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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Silly Walks’

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Here at The Maine Edge, we sure do dig the weird stuff. We find it and we soak it in and we write about it for your reading pleasure. Well, this week, I stumbled upon a time waster that fits in with our love of the weird.

Remember that movie “The Brave Little Toaster?” The classic cartoon about a bunch of sentient household appliances trying to reunite themselves with their owner, embarking on the adventure of a lifetime? That one? Well, “Silly Walks” takes a page from that and turns it into a game.

In “Silly Walks,” you control various anthropomorphic foods such as pineapples, hot dogs, bowls of noodles and much more. Your fellow delicious friends have been captured by household “henchmen” such as cheese graters, blenders, vacuum cleaners and even a really angry lawn mower. You are tasked with saving your friends from harm, as the appliances want to destroy all the food. You must traverse each level from one end to the other, venturing across kitchens, backyards and even a gym.

What makes the game challenging, is that your character pivots on one foot at a time. Basically, the character will spin slowly in a circle until you touch the screen to switch to the other foot. In the end, watching food waddle around trying to save their friends under your control makes for a hilarious time, especially when you’re being chased by meat hammers and other googly eyed household objects.

“Silly Walks” is free to download from the Android and IOS stores.


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