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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Rock Hero 2’

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Back in 2005, a game called “Guitar Hero” took the world by storm. You picked up a toy guitar controller and jammed out to your favorite rock songs at varying difficulties. You not only got to listen to the songs, but you got to feel like a real guitarist up on the big stage. Well, “Guitar Hero” might not exist on mobile, but I found something comparable.

“Rock Hero 2” gives the same general feel as “Guitar Hero,” but puts it in the palm of your hand. In “Rock Hero 2”, different non-licensed musical tracks are available to play, and you must tap the right notes on the screen at the right time to build up a note combo and set a high score for the song. Each song also has varying difficulty levels, adding in both speed and more notes to hit or hold; you sometimes need to press multiple notes at a time or drag the notes across the screen. Miss too many notes and you fail.

There are over 10 songs to play provided by the game, but the kicker is that you can play any song that is downloaded on to your phone! Say you want to play “Enter Sandman” by Metallica; just download the song onto your phone and voila! This is possible due to the game having an “intelligent system of beat detection.” Because of this, the possibilities of songs to play are basically endless. Now, it doesn’t work out perfectly every time, but still – the possibilities are endless!

“Rock Hero 2” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores. Get ready to rock!

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