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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Retro Bowl’

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As the NFL season chugs along, I’ve tried to find more fun football games outside of “Madden Mobile” to pass the time between the weekly slate of games to watch on TV. My latest discovery is not only fun, but might even appeal to those who remember playing a certain football game on their NES back in 1987.

“Retro Bowl” is modeled after the classic “Tecmo Bowl” game. Everything in “Retro Bowl” is based on the NFL, including all 32 teams. The players are all randomly named; however, you can manually change their names to model the players on your favorite NFL team.

“Retro Bowl” is simple to play – games only last about five minutes and you can play through an entire season in just a few hours. You only control the offense, as the defense is handled by the computer and tries its best to defend against whatever the other team does. The goal of the game is to take over a team as the manager, making front office decisions and playing games to get your team to the trophy.

In terms of front office decisions, you can draft, make player acquisitions, determine salaries and trades, hire coaches that will give your players extra stats and attributes and even participate in press conferences after games. On the field, you control your offense through passing by dragging back your finger and throwing or by swiping across the screen to outrun the defense as a running back.

That’s really all there is to “Retro Bowl.” The visuals are that nice NES era aesthetic and the music is top notch ‘80s gaming. You might not win the trophy in your team’s first season, but if you’re like me, once you get a few seasons in, you’ll wonder where the time went and you’ll be happy with how much your team has grown.

“Retro Bowl” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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