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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Repair Master 3D’

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Have you ever broken your phone or laptop and sent it away to a repair shop, then wondered what kind of magic the repairman did to make your device work like brand new again? Well, in “Repair Master 3D,” you get to play that repairman.

“Repair Master 3D” puts you in the shoes of an electronics repair technician who is tasked with opening up electronics, swapping out broken parts, cleaning dust, soldering, reassembling and more. The goal is to repair as many electronics as quickly as you can so you can earn money and upgrade your workshop to take on bigger tasks. The bigger the task, the more challenging it becomes. The later electronics and tasks in the game can become quite a thought-provoking repair as you must remember how to repair certain systems to make other systems work.

To repair electronics, you simply swipe, tap or hold your finger on your screen to perform different tasks. What is fun about “Repair Master 3D” is that you might not learn exactly how to repair an electronic device, but you can get an idea of what kinds of issues might arise and how much work can go into repairing said electronics. Now, I’m not gonna lie – there are a lot of ads in the game – but at least in the end, watching those ads will give you benefits like more money or upgrades.

“Repair Master 3D” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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