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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Prizefighters’

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As someone who loves boxing movies such as the “Rocky” movies, “The Fighter,” “Million Dollar Baby” and more, I certainly became interested in watching a few boxing matches on TV as I grew up. I also love boxing games, and for what it's worth, I had a lot of fun with “Wii Boxing” years ago when that was a thing. So I thought to myself, what is out there on mobile? 

So I took a look around and found a little free game called “Prizefighters.”

“Prizefighters” is a 2D arcade boxer where you create your own fighter and rise him up to fame in the career mode, gaining money and experience and then hopefully becoming the undisputed world boxing champion. Using a very simple touch control scheme, you need to throw punches, block and dodge your way to victory. Time everything right and you'll knock out your opponent. Time it wrong and you'll be on the ground.

The career mode pits you against 29 randomly generated fighters, each harder than the last. So basically, you could play through the career mode multiple times and never face the same boxers. Which is kind of cool. With a few different skill trees, your fight and play style are completely up to you as you shape your boxer more and more with each match. You can even customize the ring that you fight in and share replays of your best fights on your social media account (if you’re into that sort of thing).

“Prizefighters” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores. Get out there and become the undisputed king of the ring!


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