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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Poppy Kart’

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One game I will always hold dear to my heart is the original “Mario Kart” from the SNES and N64 platforms. Even if you never played the original, I'm sure you must be familiar with “Mario Kart” in general. Seeing as I don't have any working retro hardware anymore, I always wondered what was out there in the mobile market. Well, did I stumble upon a gem.

I present to you “Poppy Kart.”

“Poppy Kart” is without a doubt the closest game I've ever seen to a “Mario Kart” game on mobile. Its pixel art style and gameplay is almost an exact copy of the SNES original, but with different characters and tracks substituted into the game. It's retro gaming at its finest made by a modern developer.

There’s a storyline as to why you are racing, of course. You race across 29 tracks in search of a girl named “Froggy” who has gone missing. With its simple control scheme, “Poppy Kart” sees you racing at high speeds and braking around colorful tracks, picking up powerups along the way to set traps or fire at your opponents to gain the lead. As you progress on each track, they get narrower and harder, with more twists and turns, jumps and even obstacles.

The game is free up to seven tracks, so it certainly can waste some time. If you really like the game, feel free to donate a $2 fee to the developer and unlock all 29 tracks in the game! It's nothing new, but it certainly feels familiar to anyone who loves “Mario Kart!”

“Poppy Kart” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.


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