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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Pocket City’

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If you’ve ever played city-building games like “Sim City,” you know how addicting it can be to start with a blank slate and construct a city to your specifications, making it a functional, living place. While there are lots of city-building games that flood the app store, “Pocket City” is one of the most fun versions I have found in a long time – it actually reminds me a lot of the “Sim City” games.

In “Pocket City”, the premise is typical of a city-building game. I should note that the version I am reviewing is the limited free version, but there is a paid version that unlocks a massive amount of more content for three dollars.

As you start out, you must build roads, residential zones, commercial zones and important buildings that play a role in the function and development of your city. Like the old “Sim City” games, there are disasters that pop up from time to time that will throw a wrench in what you are doing; sometimes you also have to deal with economic problems too, not to mention crime. As you build all the different zones, you must supply water and power to them; to make your citizens happy, you must build recreational areas and more.

The game goes deeper as you eventually start to deal with taxing your city and even managing trade. The game’s art style is quirky and fun; it doesn’t look realistic, but has a nice simple graphic and color scheme that works well on the eyes. If you like to build cities in your spare time and you want a game that isn’t loaded with bloat and asks more than you can give, “Pocket City” is a phenomenal choice.

“Pocket City” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores. If you like the game a lot, feel free to support the developers by buying the full version of the game for $2.99 that unlocks a load of extra features!

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