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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Planetside 2’ – A planet-sized update

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A little over a year ago, I dropped a game in here called “Planetside 2,” a free-to-play MMO first-person shooter. Over the last year, the game has gotten some massive updates and plenty of new content. With all these new things and more on the way, if you haven’t gotten your boots muddy in “Planetside,” it’s a great time to get back into it.

“Planetside 2” sees three empires (and you get to choose which empire to fight for) battling over the continents of the planet Auraxis, fighting for terrain and resources. As you fight for your empire, you capture points across giant maps; after about an hour or more of fighting, a victor is declared on the continent and the battle moves over to another continent. Each map holds up to 2000 players, with combined arms warfare on land and air.

With a new update and a beautiful tropical continent called Oshur, that battle has now expanded out into the sea. The Oshur update adds a new experience of diverse gameplay; there are now underwater capture points where your armor and jetpacks will help you breathe and move around and massive towers to capture in the middle of the ocean, where only air support can drop soldiers and keep the airspace clear of enemies.

When starting a match in Oshur, each team starts with its flotilla which is the equivalent of an aircraft carrier and battleship fleet off the coast of the island. Each team will mount up in their amphibious tanks and planes and make their way towards the continent. As the battles rage on above water, soldiers will fight for underwater bases in coral reefs; this underwater fighting brings new underwater weapons, as the normal weapons in the game cannot be fired in the deep blue.

The Oshur update is fantastic and “Planetside 2” will be turning 10 years old this year; the developers have been very vocal about new updates and surprises coming as they inch towards that decade mark. On the horizon are various updates that will add new weapons to unlock, new vehicles, quality of life improvements, expansions on naval combat, bastion (large flying controllable aircraft carriers) customization, and of course, the secret tight-lipped 10-year anniversary surprise update.

“Planetside 2” is still around and providing hundreds of thousands of entertainment hours to people all across the world. If you haven’t jumped in yet, give it a download and try it out.

“Planetside 2” is free to download from Steam, and the PlayStation and Xbox stores.

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