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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Planetside 2’

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The easiest games to play are the free ones. Interested? Then, console and PC players, I give you “Planetside 2.”

“Planetside 2” is a free-to-play MMO first-person shooter that sees a planet under war by three different factions. These empires duke it out on massive maps that hold up to 2000 players – insane, right? This planetary war is neverending, so whether you’re on for an hour or much longer, you are making a difference for your faction.

The planet Auraxis is rich and filled with numerous resources; that wealth sparks a planetary war for control over them. Auraxis contains four continents, each designed to resemble an iconic sci-fi planet. As the player looking to make a difference in this planetary war, you choose to align with one of three empires: the militaristic, authoritarian Terran Republic, the rebellious “Starship Trooper” wannabe marines the New Conglomerate, and the technology-based, alien-influenced Vanu Sovereignty.

As you fight for your empire, you have many weapons, ground vehicles, aircraft and even massive atmospheric fleet carrier battleships at your disposal. Each continental battle can last up to over an hour and a half; the empire that controls the most territory by the end gains control over the full continent and all of its resources for the time being. Once this happens, all players are moved to another continent and the war will continue. This game is about working as a coordinated team, so going off on your own against hundreds of other players is usually a death wish in “Planetside 2.”

With so much freedom of choice however, there are many ways to play and succeed. Like keeping your teammates alive? The Medic class is for you. Ever wanted to fly in a wing of aircraft, dominating the skies “Top Gun” style like Maverick and Goose? Climbing into the cockpit might be your playstyle. Maybe you have a hankering for driving around 60 tons of metallic death and pushing objectives in futuristic looking tanks? You can do that too. The possibilities are endless.

“Planetside 2” has been around since 2012, but with so many people currently gaming and the developers giving it some massive updates this last year, it’s a fantastic time to get into an ambitious and amazing free shooter. If you can’t decide on an empire, then the Vanu Sovereignty needs you!

“Planetside 2” is free to download on Steam, and the Playstation store.

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