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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Perfect Slices’

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Sometimes it’s fun to just sit down and play something so simple and easy that you don’t really have to think at all while you play it. That’s what “Perfect Slices” was for me.

In “Perfect Slices,” you play as a chef, one armed with your trusty knife set - made up of iconic knives like cleavers, santoku and of course, the chef’s knife. Each knife has a different attribute that help you. You must slice up ingredients to make soups and other food that you can sell for money.

It’s all pretty straightforward. The game basically judges you on how well you slice. You don’t want your slices too thick or too thin, you want just right. Ingredients come toward you in a conveyer belt fashion, leaving you to slice as fast as you can as you find the right rhythm. You do this simply by tapping the screen quickly, which in turn moves the knife in a chopping motion. Every now and again, there are objects you aren’t supposed to cut; these will penalize you.

The game is honestly very relaxing and slicing up colorful vegetables and watching the juices fly off the cutting board becomes slightly hypnotic to say the least. Eventually, the game throws some odd bonus levels at you which require you to cut unlikely objects with your chef knife, such as gold bars and computer components. Why do you do this? For the money of course!

“Perfect Slices” makes you feel like a pro chef - and I loved every slice of it. The game is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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