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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Noa Noa!’

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A long time ago (okay, maybe not that long ago for me), everyone walking around the hallways of my elementary (or even middle) school had little digital keychains hanging from their backpacks. You might remember what they were: Tamagotchi pets.

The iconic little digital pets were a huge hit in the late 90s, but began to phase out as they became a distraction in classrooms everywhere. The little digital pets could “no longer exist” if not cared for within half a day! Surprisingly, Tamagotchi pets are still being made and sold today, but who needs to buy one? After all, you can raise one on your phone!

In “Noa Noa!”, you take on the role of an employee at a company called Noa Noa Inc. You must find, raise and hatch little rare digital creatures called Noas. You must feed your Noas to keep them alive, as well as maintaining their stats to keep them healthy and happy. You do this by cleaning them, playing games with them and more.

There are over 15 Noas to find and collect and even more unique ones to discover along the way. You can dress them up, take pictures of them, take them to the gym – whatever you want. There really isn’t much you can’t do with them. It’s really fun, reminiscent of the joy I felt when playing with Tamagotchi pets in my childhood. If you like nostalgia, and like wasting time, “Noa Noa!” is great to satisfy both of those. It will surely remind you of a time gone by.

“Noa Noa!” is free to download on the IOS store. Sorry Android users, but there is no release date at this time.

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