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Weekly Time Waster - More 'Madden Mobile'

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This has sure been an interesting football season to say the least. Injuries, blowout games, and even overtime thrillers. When football isn't on TV though, what are you doing to keep the time going until the next game?

I've written about this mobile game before. It seemed fitting to revisit it however, as they have done many cool updates to it, as well as it's a fitting game to keep playing and wasting time on as the NFL season continues.

I present to you: “Madden Mobile.” This is a free-to-play version of the “Madden” franchise many of us grew up with on our video game consoles. “Madden Mobile” is a cross between digital fantasy football and a card collecting game. There are a few different game modes to play, but the newest one I would like to touch upon is the new “Story Mode.” You play as Devin Wade who is a high school up and coming player, who is working towards the NFL. You play through his journey as he proves he has what it takes to make it in the big league.

As you complete challenges and win games, you can purchase (through in-game earned currency) more card packs to get better players. There is also a cool mode that lets you play as NFL legends from the day they’re drafted to the day they retire, highlighting their biggest moments in the NFL. One last cool aspect that will keep you playing through the NFL season is that there are weekly challenges based on the current NFL week rivalries; you can recreate big plays that happened during the previous week!

The never-ending fun of “Madden Mobile” is free to download from the Android and IOS stores!


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