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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Monster Dash’

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If you’ve ever played any “endless runner” styled games, then you have definitely sunk a few minutes of your time into a classic called “Jetpack Joyride.” Well, the creators of that also made a game called “Monster Dash,” and it’s quite fun.

“Monster Dash” as stated, is an endless runner game, with the point being to see how far you can get into the never ending level, every time you play. Each time you play, you are hoping you can beat your personal best. What makes “Monster Dash” a nice change of pace from endless runners like “Jetpack Joyride” or even “Temple Run”, is you get weapons, and yes, running and gunning is the name of this game. Most endless runners just see you trying to survive by not being touched by hazards in the game, but at least in this one, you get to destroy them.

You play as Barry Steakfries, the typical Hollywood ripped-sleeves, five o’clock shadow, hair spiked badass. You must guide Barry as he runs and dashes on his quest through the endless level, where you will meet hordes of zombies, mummies, demons and more. As you run through the level, you pick up coins, which can be used to purchase both upgrades and cosmetics for Barry. As you run, you also find different gadgets, weapons and power-ups along the way, to assist you with getting farther than your last attempt.

“Monster Dash” has no real point to it, seeing as there is no real endgame. However, that’s what makes it so much fun. There is nothing to work towards, but your own enjoyment when you need to kill a few minutes of time. Trust me, “Monster Dash” will end up taking a fair amount of it.

“Monster Dash” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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