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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Minecraft Earth’

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With each month that passes, its seems like we get a new entry added into the augmented reality genre of games. The launch of “Pokémon Go” really sparked the genre into full force, but the next chapter in this genre comes from another familiar game name – “Minecraft.”

“Minecraft Earth” takes the coolest parts of “Minecraft” and puts them into augmented reality. If you don’t know what “Minecraft” is, well … call it an adventure building game. You play in a pixelated world placing blocks into any creations that you would like while also going on adventures. To build, you must collect resources such as wood, stone or dirt by mining them; you place blocked forms of those resources on top of each other to build. While doing this, you must defend yourself against enemies called “mobs,” which range from zombies to creepers (who explode if you get really close to them, destroying all your hard work).

“Minecraft Earth” takes these concepts and drops them into augmented reality, letting you build what you’d like and then putting it into the real digital world. In tabletop mode, you can build something that you’d like in detail and then blow it up life-size for others to see. Maybe you want to build a castle wall around your real-life home or put a pool in the backyard. You can do that, and anyone walking by your house playing the game will be able to see it.

What’s fun about the game is that everything persists, so what you build is there to stay unless you destroy it. If you play the game around neighbors who are also playing, you might watch their creations evolve over time. There are also the “mobs” in the game, so you can grab a bow with some friends and go hunting for enemies around your neighborhood if that sounds fun.

“Minecraft Earth” isn’t the greatest augmented reality game we’ve seen so far, but it certainly offers a way to waste plenty of time as you build your dreams into reality. “Minecraft Earth” is free to download in early access on the Android and IOS stores.

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