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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’

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We’ve seen our fair share of movies in the Marvel Universe recently. And what’s great about that universe is the stories that are derived from it, with endless comic books, toys, TV shows and movies. And don’t forget video games – there are definitely games that allow us to showcase our imagination in the superhero universe.

The latest one I've discovered is “Marvel Contest of Champions” – we’ll call it “MCC.”

“MCC” is a third-person fighting game that you could easily compare to games like “Mortal Kombat”, “Street Fighter” or “Tekken,” only with Marvel characters. And here’s the thing: terms like good guy and bad guy don’t matter anymore. Your job is to build a team of your favorite Marvel characters and pit them against other teams built up of different Marvel characters, all in pursuit of becoming the ultimate Marvel champion.

Ever wonder how Hulk versus Wolverine would play out? Maybe the one-liner-spouting Spider-Man against the (non-family-friendly) one-liner-spouting Deadpool? Maybe you wondered how Mysterio would face off against Captain Marvel (we probably know the answer to that one). Dr. Octopus might be fun against Magneto, the man who controls metal. There are truly endless possibilities to these fights, and it’s up to your imagination to create them.

As you progress through the story, your team eventually fights bosses such as Thanos and more. The game is simple: you brawl against your opponent, you eventually earn special attacks. The first one to get their opponent's health bar to zero wins, just like most fighting games. As you fight with these teams and characters, you can level them up and make them more powerful. The arenas you fight in are fantastic as well, with many iconic locations ranging from Oscorp, Asgard, Wakanda and even inside the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier!

“Marvel Contest of Champions” is a fantastic brawler game, and with over 150 characters to collect, there is plenty of time to waste here. “Marvel Contest of Champions” is available to download on the IOS and Android stores.


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