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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Mario Kart Tour’

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“Mario Kart” has been one of Nintendo’s flagship racing games since the days of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Since the first game launched in 1992, the franchise has been a critical and commercial success. The only copy I ever owned, and still own today, is “Mario Kart 64;” the memories of racing against my friends after school and into the night on weekends are still fresh in my mind.

The “Mario Kart” games are still alive and well – and have finally made it into the palm of your hand!

“Mario Kart Tour” is “Mario Kart,” but as an online racing game. Instead of racing computer-controlled players, you compete against other people. The game does a great job of bringing back classic courses such as Rainbow Road, but also has a few courses based on real-life cities like Paris.

The premise is simple; race through a track littered with power-ups and weapons to use on your fellow racers and finish first. The game is divided into cups, where you race across three different tracks; depending on how you finish, your placement in each race is tallied to give you a final score. You don’t need to finish first every time, but top-three finishes are how you’ll get the most points. All the iconic Mario characters are there as well, though a few of them cost real money to unlock.

The game does have quite a few micro transactions, but you certainly can play it without spending a penny. There are also lots of systems – familiar to mobile gamers – that aren’t in standard “Mario Kart” games. For instance, in each race, you can earn coins you can use to buy new karts, gear and other items. You can only earn a certain amount of coins per day, however; because of that limit, you may need to play multiple days to be able to afford certain items.

“Mario Kart” is finally here on mobile – and it’s a blast! Grab some friends and head out on to the track! May the best racer win. “Mario Kart Tour” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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