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Weekly Time Waster - ‘Madden NFL 22 Mobile’

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It’s another year, which means another NFL Football season is here. Along with another NFL season, we get a new season and new features in “Madden Mobile.”

What’s even cooler about his new season of “Madden Mobile” is that two fantastic quarterbacks are on the cover: Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. This is each quarterback’s second appearance on the cover of a “Madden” game; it’s also the second time in “Madden” cover history that two players have been featured, the first was Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu in 2009.

“Madden Mobile” returns this year with some new gadgets and gizmos, but for those who haven’t played it, we’ll do a quick refresh. In “Madden Mobile 22,” you take on the role of a general manager, and your goal is to build the best team possible, to win the Super Bowl. You build essentially a fantasy football team using players you either earn or buy with in game currency. You start off with low-ranking players in the beginning and build your team over time. The players on your team can be anyone in the current NFL, as well as assorted legends from the past. Most of the modes from years past have returned, such as GM mode which takes you through the current NFL season’s schedule, to playing online with others.

This year, there is a new feature called “Journeys.” You’re given a series of themed challenges that get harder as you progress. The further you progress, the better the rewards. You also get to relive the Super Bowl LV run of the Buccaneers and completing it can give you a Tom Brady card to put on your team. Patrick Mahomes is also an earnable player. A new “Training Center” feature also hits the gridiron that lets you take on daily challenges to level up current players on your team.

The last new feature is “The Tour.” The Tour lets you play real-world live NFL games during the NFL season. As you play these games, you earn “fans,” and the more fans you have when your team wins, the higher the rewards you get from those games. As you play “Madden Mobile’ this year, every day that you login consecutively, you earn free daily and even monthly rewards, all the way from Madden cash to free players.

“Madden Mobile” never really seems to break through into crazy new territory each year, but it’s always a fun supplement to add to the NFL season, giving you a chance to waste some time when there isn’t a game on TV.

“Madden NFL 22 Mobile” is free to download on the Android and IOS stores.

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